Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just because I am single...

doesn't mean that you can set me up with a single boy thinking we can overcome singleness!

I had the amazing experience of going on a blind-date Friday night. B lives in Utah County and is attending school at UVU. B was an hour late picking me up because he did not realize just how far away C-Town is until he put my address in his GPS. I was able to paint my nails while waiting, sweet!

B arrives...
Me and B get into his car.
B asks me where I would like to go for dinner.
Me asks B what he is in the mood for.
B says he wants to go to a Steakhouse.
Me and B go to Texas Roadhouse.
B asks me what I am having.
Me says, "Steak!"
B says, "I hate steak!"
Me thinks...what the heck?!?!?

B ask me what I enjoy doing.
Me says stuff like boating, crafting and etc.
B says negative stuff about each thing that I like.

Me looks at the score of the Jazz game periodically.
B asks if I like basketball.
Me nods me head.
B goes on a tangent about how lame the sport of basketball is.
B rips apart the Jazz.
B is making me mad.

B finds out that I once upon time went to Ricks/BYU-ID.
B says, "I can't believe you went there!"
"All LDS schools are communist."
"I just can't believe you went there."
Me, dumbfounded and don't know what to say.

Me looks around the restaurant,
Me eats me steak.
Me smiles at the cute boy at the next table.

Me asks, "B, are you a reader?"
B, "I hate reading!"
"Although, I got a manual on the very first Dr. Mario!"
"I am now on level 18 at the very highest speed."
"Blah blah blah blah........................"

Me looks at the Jazz score, so sad.
Me eats the last roll.

B pays for the check.
Me and B get in his car.
B drives while asking,
"Is there mini golf?"
B, "A movie theatre?"
B driving past bowling alley,
"Is there bowling?"
B, "Want to watch a movie at your place?"
B, "Should I just take you home?"
Me, "Yep."

B drives me home.
B trash talks Utah.
B hates living in Utah.
B can't wait to get married and leave Utah.

Me, at the door, "Thanks for dinner."
B, "It was so great to meet you and blah blah."

Me inching my way to the door.
B leans for a hug.
Me inches towards the door.
B leans further for a hug.
Me half-hugs B!

The end...

Okay, honestly, I got a good steak out of it! AND, I really, really know the kind of man that I want to marry. I am glad for this experience and as much as it was awful...I am more confident in knowing that HE is right around the corner. I have to weed through the thorny, nerdy ones to get there!

19 of my Peeps!:

The Laundry Queen said...

I loved this Sigrid! Your account of the date made me and Mike laugh out loud! Don't worry, we won't set you up unless you ask for it!

Britney said...

haha, lame! i'm sorry.

Natalie said...

That's so awful!!! Gross!! I remember guys like this at USU though... just sooo negative! Ew, boys like that are rediculous!

Aubrey said...

Oh Sigrid, I felt like I was reliving your date...well written :) Sorry it didn't go so well. Salt Lake is still the best place for the single life! Thanks for the story!

Tara said...

What a LOSER!!!!!!!!!

Mister said...

Makes me even more excited about setting you up! Awesome recount. UVU - tooey! They're the communists.

S and E Frazier said...

Well Sig, it sounds to me like the only way this kid CAN get a date is to be set up! Sorry you had to be one of his victims though. Glad you told him straight up that you didn't want to continue on. I bet you 5 bucks that besides Mario he's also into dungeons and dragons and meets with his fellow wizards in the park to have medieval sword fights together!

Jay said...

Siggy, That was the best! You are so clever and made a possibly horrible experience turn out to be hilarious. Thanks for the entertainment! (This is from Sherri rather than Jay)

Katie and Christian said...

So funny! You're a good sport! Thanks for sharing with us!

The Watty's said...

I have tears...too funny! You should write a book.

Erin said...

Sig, that is awesome. However, as I was reading it I was a little surprised. HE PAID FOR THE MEAL! I thought for sure he was going to make you split the cost. I loved the end when he was asking about anything else to do. The bowling part was great. Good for you!

Michelle said...

Sigrid girl! I'm sorry you had such a crappy date! What a loser!

Megan Settles said...

HAHA. Sorry it sucked so much! At least now you don't have to ask her to set you up with anyone!! :) But I loved the story and it made me laugh!!

marebear said...

dang girl! too many of those out there huh... well he is there waiting for his "ms. right" too. just you wait and see! and now you got past one more dorky guy just bringing you closer to "the one" love you and know that payt is always your guy!!!

joy said...

Dear Siq,
You only deserve the best. That was funny!
Love, Joy

joy said...

Dear SIG,
Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Love ya, Joy

PogiKeith said...

Sig I didnt know you had a blog. But it was funny.

Jay said...

SIG. Holy crap I laughed my head off! That guy sounds like such a little fairy!! Oh wow I can't believe it. Best story of all time! Love ya

Megan said...

This is easily the best thing I've written in a long time.
I have NEVER been on a good blind date. But maybe they serve as reminders that we're not as crazy as we might think sometimes... at least we're not as crazy as our dates!

p.s. Michelle that posted above is my super cute cousin!