Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweat, Tears and Courage

Last Saturday, Bob and I went for a long ride.
I was hesitant to go.
I haven't been on my bike since May. Redic.
We woke up early, drove to Mountain Green.
It was freezing. 56 degrees to be exact.
We clipped in. And off we went.
Rode through Morgan.
Climbed hills.
We got close to the Dam at East Canyon.
I stopped. I cried.
It was hard.
I made us turn around.
Different route back.
Through Stoddard and Porterville.
My attitude changed once I said a prayer.
I told myself that if hundreds of women can cross the plains into
the Salt Lake Valley, I can get through this ride.
My heart softened.
As the sun gleamed across the fields, I knew
in that moment that Heavenly Father loves me.
I cried tears...happy tears.
Then I remember my Bishop standing on the banks of
the Sweetwater River asking...
"Do you have the Courage to Continue?"
I like to think that I do.

7 of my Peeps!:

Tara said...

Great Story Sig! YOu have such an amazing testimony. Thanks for sharing it.

Ang said...

Cool Sig. Very cool. ;)

kellz said...

I'm sitting at work reading this with tears in my eyes. I love you Siggy! You have courage more than you know! Thanks for being such an awesome example and friend! LOVES!

Peay Family said...

You did it! Yay!!!!!

Teachinfourth said...

Great change in attitude, Sig!

Becky Andrews said...

I love, love all the life analogies that come from biking. This one is much more spiritual than I usually come up with so thank you! xoxo.

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful and strong person, Miss Sigrid!