Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was browsing blogs tonight and came upon a sweet post by a friend's mother. I love that she shared these questions...

Do you let yourself enjoy a compliment?
Have you lingered over a delicious meal lately?
Can you revel in the love you feel for certain people?
Do you let yourself laugh out loud when you're happy?
Is it okay to feel pride in accomplishment?
Do you take pictures to remember great times?
Do you have friends who really know how to enjoy themselves?

Are you a "savorer"? I like to think that I am!

3 of my Peeps!:

Ang said...

That you are, my friend. That you are! And keep savoring because it makes you one of my most adored friends!

Sharon said...

You are my friend who really knows how to enjoy yourself. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love those questions. I could probably be more of a savorer, thanks for the reminder Sigs :) Cute blog, btw. I just noticed that you have one and quickly pushed the "follow" button. Love ya!